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  Summary Page: Working with Difficult People: Identifying Difficult People

Working with Difficult People: Identifying Difficult People

Inevitably, we all encounter difficult people in the workplace. Dealing with difficult people can lead to feelings of frustration or even intimidation. If you know the right techniques, though, dealing with even the most difficult person is possible. In order to deal with difficult people, first you need to know what kind of difficult person you're dealing with so you can use the right technique for the right 'difficult' type. This course will provide you with methods to help you recognize the characteristics of some of the most common types of difficult people, better understand their motivations, and begin to deal with them more effectively.

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their communications skills when working with difficult people


Identifying Difficult People

  • identify examples of people displaying difficult behavior
  • recognize the benefit of being able to identify the types of difficult people in the workplace
  • match examples of difficult behavior in the workplace to types of motivation
  • identify which steps to deal with a difficult person have been performed correctly when given a scenario

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