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  Summary Page: Basic Business Math: Percentages and Ratios

Basic Business Math: Percentages and Ratios

An understanding of basic mathematical principles is important for any business person. They enable you to figure out resource requirements, estimate costs, work out average time spent on different activities, or calculate commission earnings. Percentages and ratios are a means of highlighting many relationships in business, not least of which are financial. The ability to calculate work with percentages and ratios is an essential skill for anyone working today. This course builds on the basic math skills that you learned in your school years, showing you how to apply those skills to some common business situations. And it helps you to confidently use percentages and ratios in business through a series of real-life problems and examples.

Individuals wanting to gain, develop, or refine their basic business math skills


Percentages and Ratios

  • calculate a percentage in a business scenario
  • calculate percentage increase in a given scenario
  • calculate percentage decrease in a given scenario
  • solve rate problems in a given business scenario
  • identify how ratios are used in business
  • match business ratios to the context in which they are used in business

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