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  Summary Page: Java SE7 Professional: Syntax and Class Design

Java SE7 Professional: Syntax and Class Design

Java technology applications are written in the Java Programming Language and compiled to Java bytecode. This course introduces the Java platforms, how to obtain a JDK, and commercial support options for Java SE. It describes creating simple Java classes, using Java fields, constructors, and methods, modeling business problems using Java classes, using package and import statements, testing Java classes, and creating Java subclasses. In addition, it explores access levels, override methods, overloading constructors, using the instanceof operator to compare object types, using virtual method invocation, using upward and downward casts, and overriding methods from the Object class. Designing general purpose base classes using abstract classes, constructing abstract java classes and subclasses, modeling business problems using the static and final keywords, implementing the Singleton design pattern, and distinguishing between top-level and nested classes are also covered.

Programmers with an understanding of the fundamental workings of Java who want to get started developing real Java 7 applications


Java Basic, Syntax, and Classes

  • identify the features of the Java technology
  • create simple Java classes
  • use Java fields, constructors, and methods
  • use package and import statements
  • test Java classes
  • create Java subclasses
  • Java Class Design

  • use access levels
  • override methods
  • use constructors and casts in Java
  • work with abstract Java classes and subclasses
  • use the static and final keywords

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