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  Summary Page: Solving Problems: Framing the Problem

Solving Problems: Framing the Problem

Clearly articulating a problem requires asking the right people the right questions. Having all that information will make finding the root cause easier than if you tried to solve the problem in isolation. Framing the problem accurately requires finding out who affects and is impacted by the problem. It also requires identifying the reason(s) the problem exists. In this course, you'll learn how to identify stakeholders and effectively elicit their input. You'll find out how the causes of problems can lie at different levels of the organization, and you'll learn techniques to uncover the root cause.

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, and other business professionals who want to enhance their ability to solve business problems and make effective personal and organizational decisions


Getting to the Bottom of Things

  • identify stakeholders in a given problem-solving and decision-making scenario.
  • effectively solicit stakeholder input on the impact of a problem
  • match root causes of problems with the organizational level where they typically occur
  • use a fishbone diagram to investigate the root causes of a problem

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