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  Summary Page: SAP Product Lifecycle Management

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides a comprehensive solution for managing all product-related information required in support of processes including planning, innovation, design, quality management, and engineering. As an integrated solution to SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, all information stored and maintained using the PLM solution is available across the enterprise to all other modules where required. This course introduces the SAP PLM solution, describing the overall concept of the PLM lifecycle and describing some of the main activities involved in managing products across the product life cycle.

Individuals who plan to use SAP's Business Suite 7 applications to perform basic business functions within their organizations


Introduction to SAP PLM

  • recognize phases of the product life cycle
  • match PLM solutions with their corresponding features
  • match phases of the project life cycle with corresponding tools within the Project System module
  • recognize the procedure for creating a new document
  • identify functions of the DMS
  • SAP PLM Project Management

  • identify elements of the Project Builder interface
  • recognize the procedure for creating a new project in the SAP Project System
  • recognize the procedure for displaying an item in the Material Master
  • recognize the procedure for selecting a material to view
  • match PLM management functions with corresponding descriptions of how they relate to process planning
  • recognize the procedure for making changes to project information using Project Builder
  • sequence the steps of the change management processes
  • recognize the procedure for making a change to a project document using Project System

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